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Ducati ExactFit High Voltage Ignition Coils Kit 2 Valve: Monster 400/600/620/750/800/900, SuperSport 620S/750SS/800SS/900SS 2VCOILS

Ducati ExactFit High
Voltage Ignition Coils
Kit 2 Valve: Monster
, SuperSport

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Replace your tired OEM components. Ca Cycleworks ExactFit coils feature 35000+ V output and have the same primary resistance as the original coils, eliminating the problem of trying to find ignition coils compatible with the ignition modules. Replaces OE 380.4.004.1B. Kit includes ignition coils, spark plug wires/caps, NGK DR9EA spark plugs and instructions. The use of DR9EA plugs was confirmed through testing with customers. If your existing choice of plug continues to work well for you, it"s ok to keep using them. We"ve found our coils are a bit hot for the stock plug and the 9 heat range plug brought happiness to those with running issues.


This kit replaces the "Dyna coils kit" we sold for more than ten years. These coils are the correct spacing and length to mount in the stock location; the previously sold Dyna coils had to be shortened by milling off the extra mounting hole and then we had to include an adaptor bracket and hardware to adapt it for mounting on Ducatis. This kit is a better solution with much easier mounting.


THIS IS A KIT: Includes ignition coils, spark plug wires, spark plug caps, NGK DR9EA spark plugs and instructions.




Ducati Supersport 900 (1991-1998)

Ducati Supersport 800 (2003-2007)

Ducati Supersport 750 (1991-1998)

Ducati Supersport 620S (2003)


Ducati Monster 900 (1993-2002)

Ducati Monster 800 (2003-2004)

Ducati Monster 750 (1997-2002)

Ducati Monster 620ie (2002-2006)

Ducati Monster 600 (2001)

Ducati Monster 400 (2005-2008)


Ducati Sport 750 (1988-1990)

Ducati Sport 800

Ducati Sport 620S (2003)


Ducati MH900e


Note: Some spark plug wire relocation may be required. Proceed accordingly.